Department of Political Science

About Department :


           KRCES Society s GGD Arts ,BMP Commerce &SVS Science College Bailhongal in one of the premier college in this part of belagavi . which as the privilege of introducing political science as one of subject for the benefit of students community.

                   The department of political science started in the year 1968 Shri M A Indi was founder lecturer . in the beginning there were approximately 300 students.

                     The students who went out of partials of political science department are serving in various Government departments as government officers, lecturers, University Lecturer & private departments it is predominance of our department.

                   Here is the list of the teachers who have rendered their services in this college.

                      1. M. A. Indi

                      2. A. B. Hiremath

                      3. B. A. Patil

                      4. A. R. Biradar

                      5. G. S. Bajarmath

                      6. B. Y. Hammannaver

                      7. M. G. Naganoor

                      8. C. D. Talawar


                          Present Staff of  the Department

                 M. G. Naganoor

                 C. D. Talawar

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