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           Department of History was started in the year 1968 with Prof. M.L. Indi as Head of the Department. From 1971, Prof. B.S. Sajjan took over the charge of Head of the department.  Prof. S.N, Patil, joined the department in 1981 with introduction on History as Major subject. Prof.  D.Y. Inchal joined the department in 1982.  Prof. B.S. Sajjan retired in 2005 and Prof. S.N. Patil took the charge of Head of the Department of History. After the retirement of Prof. S.N.Patil,  Prof. D.Y. Inchal has retired from Department of History on May 2020.

           One of our student Shri. Prakash Melavanki, is awarded gold medal from Karnatak University, Dharwad for securing highest marks in the History subject during 2001-2002. Another student of our department Shri. Bharamappa Bhavi is pursuing Ph. D. and is about to submit his thesis.

           The result of Department is satisfactory since the establishment of Department.


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Shreeshail B Chikkoppa






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