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About Department of Physics

The Physics department having an area of 269.37 Sq.m. has three laboratories, one store room, departmental staffroom and a chamber for the head of the department.

The department came into existence in 1968. Prof. Parvati & Prof M R Yadawad joined the department in 1968 &1972 respectively and worked for a short period. In 1969-70 Prin B. M. Bhopalapur and in 1971-72 Prin M. L. Patil rendered their services to the department also.Since 1968 Prof.R. M. Rudrapur and Prof. B. A. Patil from 1973-74, worked efficiently for the department till their retirement.

Prof. G.M. Revannavar headed the dept. from 1970-71. Under his able guidance and supervision the laboratories were set up systematically. In 1973-74 Prin. N. G. Biradar Patil joined the institute as a Principal. Since N. G. BiradarPatil is basically a physics professor he monitored every developmental aspect of the department. After serving some years Prof. D.S. Hooli transferred to

J.S.S. College Dharwad and Prof. M. M. Sayyad to Neharu College Hubbali, Prof. C. C. Koujalagi , Prof. B. D. Naikar and Smt. S. C. Desai were HOD’s and functioned smoothly. Currently Prof. Maruthi N. S. is working as H.O.D.

The department is funded with VGST in 2013-14 by Rs.40 Lakhs out of which Rs. 20 Lakhs has been received and utilized for the improvement of the department.

The Department offers Six semester undergraduate B.Sc . The National Education Policy (NEP) has been implemented Besides this department also offers Certificate Couse for every year.

Faculty of the Department :







































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Shri. B. B. Budihal M.Sc., M.Phil Principal

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization : Nuclear Physics

Date of joining:17-12-2009


Shri. Maruthi. N. S. M.Sc., M.Phil


Designation : Assistant Professor

Specialization : Nuclear Physics

Date of joining: 18/12/2009


Smt. G. N. Balimane M.Sc.

Designation : Assistant Professor

Specialization : Nuclear Physics

Date of joining: 31/07/2021


Smt. S. M. Patil M.Sc., B.Ed.

Designation : Lecturer Specialization: Solid State Physics    

Date of joining: 14/09/2011


Shri. C. G. Rathod M.Sc., B.Ed.

Designation: Lecturer Specialization : Electronics Date of joining: 15/07/2007




Designation- Peon