Department of Hindi



                 K.R.C.E. Society’s Arts and Science College was established on 20-06-1968 with the blessing of his holiness Shri, Shri, Shri, Mahant Swamiji of Duradundeshwar Math Muragod.

Department of Hindi was established along with the college in the year 1968 with Prof. B. G. Ammanagi as the Head of the Department. Later in the year 1970 Prof. V. M. Sharma joined as head of the department.  Later Prof. P.M. Billur joined the department and retired in the year 2014. Preent  Prof. P. M. Bagewadi joined as a head of the department. Till 1991, Hindi was taught as a minor subject at B. A. Part-I,II & III, from 1995 on words it is being taught as a basic subject to B. A, B.Sc. & B.Com Classes.


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