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              Establishment of K.R.C.E.S. College took place on 20-06-1968 with the warm blessings and holiness of Shri. Duradundishwar Mahant Swamiji of Murgod,.

`Initially two streams, i.e., Arts and Science with two courses. i.e.,.PUC and Degree Part –I  were started with a fully fledged  teachers. Dr V.V. Jatti was the founder Principal of our College and the total students strength was 365. He gave the instrumental shape to the institution both  in terms of infrastructure  and quality education.

Under science course only 4 science subjects were  introduced i.e., Physics  Chemistry,  Mathematics, and Biology. These were the compulsory subjects for PUC. But for  B.Sc. Part- I  courses the  choice for Mathematics / Biology was  offered. The 4 departments got established on 20-06-1968 under the science streams.

There were two staff for Biology   Shri S.G Jigajinni. as Lecturer in Botany, and Shri M.K. Shivanagol,  as a Demonstrator in Biology. Then many staff members are joined the department such as Prof. R.S. Sangam, Prof.S.G.Gadataranavar, Prof. M.Y. Hiragannavar and Prof. C.V. Deshanur.

Initially the biology department had Botany as only one minor subject for degree level. Then in 1975 another minor subject Zoology was introduced for degree level. As there was no introduction of any major subject from the department, the functioning of the biology department continued till August 1991.

The process of bifurcation of Biology department into Botany and Zoology Departments was made in the month of August 1991.& from August 27,1991.  The two separate departments Botany and Zoology came into existence and started functioning independently. Thus, the separate establishment of Zoology department started from 27-08-1991 onwards.

The Botany department is situated at first floor having the area of 113.11 Sqmetr. The laboratories enclosing department staff room and a museum.

For effective and meaningful teaching, the teaching aids are used in the form of charts models and instruments.

Initially our college is affiliated to Karnataka University Dharwad.  In the year 2005-06 first time semester system was introduced. In the academic year 2010-11 Rani Channamma University, Belagavi  is established and our college affiliated under this university.

Departmental calendar is prepared in accordance with University and Institutional calendar. According to the calendar of events, test, seminars, home assignments are conducted.

Apart from studies the departmental staff motivates the students to take active part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as project work, tours, group discussions and seminars.

                    The teaching and non teaching staff of the Department as follows:









Special Achievements:


In the year 2021-22, Miss. Sharada Gadadavar  of CBZ combination secured  9th Rank in Rani  Channamma University, Belagavi.

Miss Chetan modi awarded Rajya puraskar. The staff puts sincere effort in holistic development of the students.






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                                                                                                                                                            Department of Botany

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H.O.D. & Assistant Professor

15 Years


Prof. Manjunath.C.Deshanur

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10 Years




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Sri. Ashok.B.Kolkar